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The failed departures of Djelali …

17 hours, Djelali is moored to the port of Kernevel, Larmor Plage. But it was not a small matter. The first false start date of December 20th, 2014. After 5 months of works, in particular mechanics (we changed our two engines, Prima 50 replace perkins 4108), and rigging (taken by effective laughter, send dismiss of reliable bar), we are ready to take the sea … The meteo crenel is not too bad, even if the sea is big, 5-6m of swell, but the crew is reduced, we are only 3 (Manu, Robin and Yoda, the cat) and a bad estimation of marling prevents us from floating, in brief, one stays in the platform of grounding, in Paluden. It against weather will have allowed us to make a trip at sea with White Dolphin, magnificent ketch classic of 66 feet, recently arrived at the asso of the Beautiful Hope.

Two week later, us float, that it is on, the meteo crenel seems correct. It is the holidays, the crew is fast recruited but, it is the drama. In the low water which precedes the leaving, the wind turns and blows in moderated gust (25-30 knot), but it is enough. The boat, which it is put relatively straight ahead, falls over of the highly-rated bad, Djelali capsizes into the port, without water, while we stopped seizing the last objects.

It is rather ugly to see, and that a little frightens when are you inside, when the boat falls of all its height, slightly absorb by the bulls (only one broke!) and the mud. We get out of it not too badly, the deck of bar of arrow starboard of the mizzen is resoldered (thank you Marc!), low shrouds replaced by a cable dyneema (thank you Yvan!), and pinoches 2 allow the boat to recover only, in the rising tide (pass-hull of pump of hold and kitchen sink snatches, made rusty - thank you Ben, Erwan and Émeline!). Finally, spectacular false start, which will cost us 3 days of birch and a small moral blow, but we take back courage, it is necessary to prepare the third false start not? And our new wood stove (fortunately switch off during the incident) is from now on there for confort us.


Not to be had second two times (needs to learn of our errors), we put Djelali in the safe of the SNSM in front of the port of the Aber Wrach. Here, the boat floats and does not risk to fall. The crenel approaches, we finish the preparations, and last small point before the beer and the sleep of front allocates, we verify the levels. And, unpleasant surprise …

The engine starboard is full of mayonnaise, 3 cms above the level max, there is a problem somewhere … We suspect the access the sea water pump (hitched in the tree with cam, in head on these engines), but by moving the waterlock and by reducing the length of the escape, the problem is solved, 5 drainings later. Anyway, we shall have eventually leaves in January 17th, and after a stopover to Douarnenez, we arrive at notorious undamaged Lorient (still a little grime in the diesel circuit oil circuit, which will have imposed on us the quarters of pump on the pear with hand). Ouff!

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