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Our team finances the project of restoration of the ship in stockholders' equity but any help is naturally welcome!

We look for four types of supports.

-Material support: at present in full construction site of restoration we look for halyards, listening, pulleys, chandlery, of the paint (epoxy and primary epoxy), rooms for engine Perkins outdid 50, rooms of rigging (life of mule of mizzen, réa and support of fixation or boom completes of the big matt, two diagonal shrouds of the big matt, a low shroud and a pataras of mizzen), an anchorage (chain of 12mm and anchor for sailboat of 20t), veil (solent arisable), foams of bedding, tools, the security equipment (BIB, VFI, fire extinguishers …) and many other things still, the list can be long …  If you have of the material which is lying about at the bottom of the garage, do not hesitate to contact us;)

-Support in service: we are going to undertake a big construction site of renovation of the hull, which it is necessary to change sheet steels situated of the bow in the skittle, on approximately 50cm. It is necessary to us to take out the boat and to make the repairs. Construction sites, crane driver, welder, boilermakers, we shall need your help and advice, not being the job. But every type of competence can be useful for us (sail-loft, rigging, mechanics …) and even a hand in more to break some concrete, rub a hull, prepare a good meal …

-Financial support: the association is in the course of creation, but we shall soon be opened to the loans and the gifts, in exchange for counterparty (goodies, put out to sea, invitations …).

-Moral support: a small e-mail of support always makes the good!

Thank you for sending us an e-mail via the tab contact.

To ours dears sponsors:


Jean Noël Duchemin

Hervé from Leenan Head

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