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The purpose of the association is to propose a sailboat as a logistic support(medium) and a means of transportation to bring to a successful conclusion different project type: environmental, sports or cultural.

The global initiative is to use the ship as educational way and practice of distribution of a message of society. The life of the boat will speak about her even.


From summer, 2015, we plan a first expedition with sports character, to test the boat and train a crew hardens. We are so going to give the boat for a polar expedition, where will realize us ascents in alpine style in Spitsbergen. Will try us to open new ways of climbing and to install highlines.


We also get closer to associations of conservation and distribution of seeds landscapes, with the intention to exchange seeds during our stopovers.


During the long stopovers, artistic projects of creation and distribution will be realized on the boat, which will propose shows of art of street, concerts, video projections and exhibitions of photos.

We shall produce throughout this adventure video projects for illustrate our experiences.



Djelali requires a severe work, of duration estimated at 1 year.

We will intend after reparations to go back to the North, towards the islands Lofoten, before getting down again more the South for winter. We work on a project of movie about the peasant farming in Brazil between September, 2015 and May, 2016. We shall move on after a short installation with a polar expedition in Spitsbergen, where we shall realize alpine ascents and openings of highline, for return in Brittany autumn, 2016.

These first two projects will bring it of other one and, once thrown on the oceans, Djelali will not stop navigating during still a few years.



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